What if you were born a millionaire? By the end of this article, you would have found out. If you are reading this article and have read the four issues before this, I assume that you have decided to become a millionaire within three years. I am glad. do you actually know that you are already a millionaire? Yes, you are. There is a reason you are not just talking about becoming a millionaire but are taking steps and remaining obsessed with becoming one. It is called destiny and you are to fulfill it. Meanwhile, you are free to give up anytime if you wish to do so, as long as you don’t complain about poverty for the rest of your life. If you desire to stay on task, let me tell you the quickest and easiest way to get the job done: you have to be hooked to your calling.


So, wait!

‘Calling’ might be too fancy, mystical and “churchish”. Let’s keep it simple.

Find the work you could do without frowning. That work you could do with a lot of ease and fun even if you are not getting paid for it. the work you are passionate about. Everyone has one. Once you find that work, you are halfway to your million dollars. The rest is simply to stay focused for the next two years until you pocket the dough. Don’t worry how the million is going to reach you. Just keep doing the work that you have a passion for, even if you are not getting paid for it. Do it very well, do it every day, do it with a lot of pride, be creative, innovate constantly and try to get better and better daily. Most importantly, do not stop doing it. Yes, do not let any kind of distraction get on your way no matter what. This is extremely important. It is the key to your million dollars.

So, I will say it again. I think you should write it somewhere and hang it on the wall so you can see it every day. Find the work you have a passion for. Do it very well. Do it every day. do it with a lot of pride, be creative, innovate constantly and try to get better and better daily. Most importantly, do not stop doing it. Yes, do not let any kind of distraction get on your way no matter what. Can you do that? If you can, it is a fact that your guardian angel will take care of the rest. I have explained the mechanism of manifestation briefly in the last articles. Remember that in the science of getting rich, there are two partners. You and your guardian Angel or Spirit. These lessons are simply a reminder, and I am only here to serve as a guide in order to make the journey smooth, quick and snappy for you. I hope you come back to this page every issue.

When I say you are already a millionaire, I mean it and you can prove this. Here is the proof: Some- one had already told you in the past that you would be a very rich person one day. This is no hocus pocus. It is simply how life works. Nothing is randomly said and done in the universe. The visible is sustained by the invisible, the spirit. Please try to remember that conversation. You had probably told the person she or he was lying. Look, life is not that hard. We humans are the ones that pay no attention. Life works like in a school room where we study. Life is the school of studying you. Constantly, life reveals to us the part of us that we are ready to know and what is ahead. Imagine a weather forecaster trying to predict the temperature for days to come. Entrepreneurs and business people do the same all the time with products. They are able to know what products will sell in the future with accuracy. Every human being is normally meant to do the same with his or her life. You are supposed to be your own psychologist: analyzing the events of your past so you can adjust your habits in the present according to your future dreams including becoming a millionaire!

Since you were born, life has never failed in showing you the path to follow, but like most of us, society has conditioned you to stay ‘blind’ and ‘poor’. The school of life is very well organized, clear, easy, and detail-oriented. Please observe nature. Do apple trees grow mangoes or bananas? Have you ever seen tomatoes on pepper plants? Of course not. If you also there is already the seed of a millionaire (a talent, a gift) and Life has been teaching you the way (the right career) to grow that seed. See, because you are meant to be rich since you could crawl, life has been showing you how to live and work as a millionaire. It is time to start paying attention if you were not. Life does not waste a second. From the toys you preferred as a baby, the activities you loved as a teenager, the subjects you enjoyed studying, your different major encounters, family members and friends, to the jobs you have a passion for, nothing is random. Life has been guiding you all along to focus on your path.

Now, here is the reason you are not rich yet: be aware, there is a second force that has been trying hard to keep you away from your path. That force uses fears of all kinds, anger, other people’s perceptions of you to either keep you away from your vocation or/and make you believe that poverty is ok, you don’t deserve to be rich or/and money is an evil thing. Please stop for a second. I have a few questions. Are you finding time daily to do what you absolutely love doing and could do for no penny? What do you think about money? Do you think you too deserve to be rich? What would you buy with a million dollars? It is important to reflect on those questions. The answers will determine how soon you will become a millionaire. By the way, poverty is not ok. It is a sickness, a state of mind that makes you feel less than a human being. You got to get treated by staying on course and become rich. You know exactly what I am talking about. Remember the last time you had to look away or got frustrated because you could not afford something you really wanted? This is not a good feeling, is it?

I will be frank with you. You can’t become a millionaire and live happily unless you are in the perfect career for you. If you are meant to be in transportation and you are doing banking, you will only be getting by your whole life. If your calling is to be a cultural entrepreneur or a singer and you get into construction, you will surely miss out on your million dollars. You are on earth to do something specific. The good news is this: just like a basketball player is built tall, athletic and mentally aware and alert enough to play basketball, you too are already built creative and smart enough for your calling and you have been training your whole life to do the work properly and become a millionaire (or multi millionaire) in the process. That is a fact. Pay attention to the following story and you will understand what I mean better.


Caludia Togbe is an entrepreneur from Benin, West Africa. She holds three different Master’s in Diplomacy and Election Management. After college, she tried in vain to find a job. She could not find anything that could pay her. Not because she wasn’t trying hard or because there are not enough jobs in Benin for an intelligent, smart and educated woman of her stature. Life would not let Caludia get a job because she has to follow her own path and create opportunities for others as a business owner. Life is no dummy. It never let anyone get away easily and peacefully with anything less than his or her potential. Just imagine that Caludia got a job in diplomacy. She would probably never follow her own destiny which is entrepreneurship in cosmetics. At birth, life has already put Caludia in the right environment with her blessings, but she was not paying attention.

I hope you will be back here at the next issue to know how Caludia finally discovered her calling and the lesson you can learn from her story to make your own dream happen. May peace and Joy be with you.


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