It was a warm and spectacular day at the popular Kingdom Connection Christian Center last December. The church hosted its annual love feast on the 19th, and it was bam! It was an absolute honor to be invited as guest along with several dignitaries, including the mayor of Aurora, Mike Coffman. The event happened in the spacious church sanctuary on Oswego Street Aurora. 


It was a celebration of love and kindness as Bishop Israel and Dr. Adeola Ade-Ajala unveiled the theme of the event: Be Kind. The bishop reminded all of the enormous contributions immigrants make to the culture and economy of the United States and stressed that we all must be proud of America for welcoming people from different ends of the earth. He enjoined everyone to put in the extra effort to be kind to their fellow humans, no matter what complexion they are… and I have signed up for that. I am also signing up for the next Love Feast!

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