African Leadership Group (ALG) just concluded its 6th year convention of the annual Afrik Impact celebrations in the cities of Denver and Aurora. It was a well-packaged combo of entertainment, education and information on wealth creation and home ownership, all brilliantly segmented and colorfully unraveled before diverse guests that graced the event from within and outside of Colorado. 


The theme of this year’s event was “Standing Taller and Prouder Than Ever”, and the activities spanned the length of August 13th through 21st. This year’s Afrik Impact witnessed a variety of events, ranging from cultural displays and entertainment to informational workshops and forums. The week-long community event showcased the role African immigrants play in the United States’ economy and highlighted the business opportunities that are available in the US and internationally.

Afrik Impact’s main objective is to celebrate the collective accomplishments of African immigrants in Colorado and elsewhere, and to recognize its community champions every year. Participants had the opportunity to meet, interact, and network among members of the community and several invited dignitaries that flooded the span of the event. Despite the scare of the delta variant of Covid-19 virus spread, this year’s event was a community puller and Mr. Papa Dia and his relentless ALG team did not disappoint.

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