Women’s History Month annually illuminates the indelible contributions of women across historical events and contemporary society. It transcends divisions—national, ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic, and political—ushering in a day of recognition for their remarkable achievements.


In the spirit of celebration, AfrikDigest has meticulously curated profiles of visionary businesswomen throughout the state of Colorado. These trailblazers span diverse fields: arts, activism, science, technology, finance, healthcare, education, and beyond. Our special feature showcases their impact, resilience, and unwavering commitment.

While our print edition captures their essence through captivating photos and business snapshots, we invite you to explore their full stories and incredible achievements on our online platform at AfrikDigest.com. Here, their legacies unfold—a testament to the power of women shaping Colorado’s future.



Denver Home Healthcare- Providing Specialized Homecare Services

Sabe Kemer

Sabe Kemer is the owner of Denver Home Healthcare, an agency built on a passion for helping individuals lead an independent, safe, and dignified lifestyle. She is also the founder of Colorado Language Services, an interpretation and translation company. Sabe is originally from Ethiopia and immigrated to the U.S. when she was a teenager.

Denver Home Healthcare Agency provides the very best of home care services. The agency provides non-medical, in-home personal and companionship services for people of all ages, physical conditions, and cognitive levels. It specializes in quality in-home care, including long-term assisted living facilities and providing other places of residence.  Its vision is to be the foremost provider of person-centered and individualized home healthcare services delivered with compassion.

The home health company has been expanding rapidly and enhancing its home care services for the elderly in the community. It has caregivers who speak over 20 languages and provides in-home services that include Personal Care Attendants, Housekeeping Services,  Meal Preparation Services, Shopping/Errands services, and Relative Care, a scheme where they train family members to be paid caregivers for their loved ones and more.

Its clients enjoy trustworthy, knowledgeable, compassionate, and culturally sensitive care services. It strives to exceed its client’s expectations and is proud to bring quality care that meets the expectations that anyone would be proud of. Denver Home Healthcare currently serves the counties of Adams, Arapahoe, Denver, Douglas, El Paso, Jefferson, Morgan, Pueblo, and Weld.

Clients can reach them at their office located at 1602 S Parker Rd Ste 211, Denver, CO 80231, or their social media handles as follows:

Facebook: Denver Home Healthcare, Inc.

Instagram:  denver_home_healthcare_inc

LinkedIn: Denver Denver Home Healthcare, Inc.

Website: https://denverhhc.com/






Ensuring Health and Unity: Anne Attouah’s Remarkable Journey

Attouah N’da-Koffi (Anne Attouah) is the founder and CEO of A-Square Consulting Firm.

She is a passionate Public Health professional who skillfully wields her cultural insights to drive positive change in public health and community well-being. Her expertise spans a wide spectrum, from conducting community needs assessments to program evaluation, strategic planning, and capacity building—all through a culturally sensitive lens. Her mission is to design and implement effective programs that address health disparities and foster health equity within diverse communities.

As a proud woman of African descent, Anne’s journey began in the Ivory Coast, West Africa, where she was born and raised. Today, she resides in Aurora, Colorado with her family, channeling her passion into uplifting communities, advancing health equity, and empowering the African community and immigrants to thrive. How does A-Square achieve this? Through these incredible ways.

Tailored Community Health Initiatives: Anne recognizes that prioritizing well-being requires customized approaches. Through community health initiatives, she collaborates with individuals who share her understanding of the African diaspora. Together with A-Square, they bridge gaps in health disparities, foster cultural understanding, and ensure inclusive access to vital resources.

JEDI Lens and SDoH Assessments: Anne’s toolkit includes a JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion) lens. By integrating this perspective into health education, they address the unique needs of their communities. Comprehensive Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) assessments guide their efforts, creating a more equitable and healthier future for all.

Navigating the U.S. Healthcare System: As an immigrant, Anne empathizes with the challenges faced by fellow immigrants in comprehending and navigating the complex U.S. healthcare system. Her bilingual proficiency in French and English, along with ongoing Spanish studies, positions her as a bridge to multicultural communities, facilitating understanding and access.

Community Volunteerism: Beyond her professional endeavors, Anne actively engages in health education outreach. Her life’s ambition centers on empowering women and young girls across ethnicities, socio-economic backgrounds, and cultural strata.

Anne’s legacy exemplifies resilience, compassion, and a commitment to fostering a healthier, more connected world. She’s calling on people to come and connect and collaborate to drive meaningful change and promote a culture of health and inclusivity that celebrates the diverse heritage of the human race.

You can connect with Anne and explore how A-Square and your organization can bring health initiatives to communities to create a healthier, more equitable society for all.




Empowering Voices: Holly Sisa’s Journey with Morning Mimosas Podcast

Holly Sisa

Holly Sisa, the visionary founder of Morning Mimosas Podcast, has woven her remarkable story across continents and communities. Born to Congolese parents in Raleigh, North Carolina, in December 1992, her journey took her to Indiana in 1994, and eventually settled here in the vibrant state of Colorado in 1996, where she has resided ever since.

Holly’s unwavering commitment to community upliftment earned her the prestigious title of Denver’s Business Person of the Year, as recognized by Alignable.com. As a NAACP nominee, she stands at the forefront of change, advocating for justice, equity, and empowerment.

Morning Mimosas Podcast: A Beacon of Empowerment

Holly’s podcasts resonate with purpose. They delve into critical topics that matter:

Criminal Justice: Unearthing truths, seeking justice, and amplifying voices.

Healing: Nurturing wounded spirits, fostering resilience, and promoting well-being.

Education: Empowering the black and minority communities through knowledge.


Conversations That Matter:

On her show, Holly fearlessly tackles matters like the following:

Cold and Missing Persons’ Cases: Shedding light on mysteries, advocating for closure, and honoring those who’ve vanished.

Breaking Generational Curses and Stigmas: Disrupting harmful cycles, rewriting narratives, and healing ancestral wounds.

Effective Community Change: Engaging in dialogue, mobilizing action, and creating a more equitable society.

Holly’s legacy is in her commitment to amplifying voices, fostering healing, and igniting change—one podcast episode at a time.

To connect with Holly Sisa on the phone, call 970-294-7336. Tune in to Morning Mimosas Podcast on various platforms to be part of these vital conversations:


FB: www.facebook.com/morningmimosascolorado

X: https://twitter.com/morningmimosas1

Youtube: https://youtube.com/@MorningMimosasCO

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/holly-sisa-4b88a0202







Empowering Communities: Dr. Echeozo’s Trailblazing Legacy

Dr. Jane-Frances Echeozo

Dr. Jane-Frances Echeozo, a dedicated registered nurse and accomplished community organizer, has left an indelible mark on the Denver community. As the first African to be appointed as a member of the Denver Women’s Commission, she played a pivotal role in shaping policies and advocating for women’s rights. Her leadership extended to serving as the Co-chair of the legislative committee within the commission, and she later ascended to the esteemed position of Chairperson for the Denver Advisory Board at the Agency of Human Rights and Community Partnership (HRCP).

During her tenure, Dr. Echeozo championed the establishment of the Immigrant and Refugee Commission in Denver, Colorado—an initiative that has fostered inclusivity and understanding across diverse cultural backgrounds. Her commitment to community well-being extends beyond policy work.

Dr. Echeozo RN, MSN, Ph.D. is the President of Health Success Inc., a reputable home health agency in Denver, which has been providing skilled and unskilled nursing care services to community members since 2010.

Her vision transcends boundaries. She tirelessly advocates for sustained integration and collaboration among all ethnic groups, including immigrants and refugees, across Colorado’s communities. Her ultimate goal? To create a thriving environment for small businesses throughout the state.

Notably, Dr. Echeozo’s impact extends beyond administrative roles. She is also an award-winning co-founder of the renowned Aurora Global Fest, celebrating cultural diversity and fostering unity. Her passion, dedication, and unwavering commitment continue to inspire those around her.





Eden Brooke Family Life Inc- Nurturing Resilience and Community Well-Being

Cecilia and Williams Yeboah, founders of Eden Brooke Family Life Inc.

Cecilia Yeboah (PMHNP-BC, BSN, RN) and her partner, Williams Yeboah, stand as the compassionate founders of Eden Brooke Family Life Inc. in Denver, Colorado. For the past 8 years, their unwavering commitment has been a beacon of hope for individuals, couples, and families navigating life’s challenges through their non-profit organization.

By hosting regular faith-based family gatherings, they have addressed important family-related subjects that have helped individuals develop emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. This couple has consistently provided individual and group counseling and has promoted mental health education within the community by offering programs to youths, women, and individuals. Both are passionate about connecting the community with services, particularly focusing on low-income communities, minorities, immigrants, and diasporas. They have achieved this by working closely with churches and youth organizations in the Denver/Aurora area. They are dedicated to remaining accessible to assist the community through offering public education, counseling, guidance, and support to individuals of all ages in our area. They have been utilized extensively to provide care for the sick, deliver public health education, and primarily focus on mental health and marriage.

Williams and Cecilia were inspired to launch this ministry in 2013 to provide support for struggling marriages, children, homes, and affected teenagers. They offer monthly family life meetings, training, open forums, and practical interventions to help individuals facing life challenges. The ministry has positively impacted the community by providing donations, prayers, and teachings, and offering support to individuals during difficult times.

Cecilia professionally practices as a psychiatric nurse practitioner and Williams works in the healthcare and IT industry. Both have provided pre and post-marital counseling to individuals in the community through their church and community programs. Williams and Cecilia Yeboah are certified Christian counselors and certified temperament therapists.

Providing a variety of services including psychotherapy and medication management for overall mental well-being. Their services cover Conflict Resolution, Crisis Management, Substance Abuse, Addiction, Temperament Therapy, Integrated Marriage and Family Therapy, Domestic Violence, and Intervention Therapy. They are also specialists in stress management and working with special needs children and vulnerable adults. Both individuals are part of the National Christian Counselors Association (NCCA).

Cecilia and Williams can be reached at the phone number, 720-770-0010, or by email, at edenbrookeflm@gmail.com. You can also visit them online at www.edenbrookefamilylife.com




SKY Financial Empowerment Services- Transforming Denver in Style

Ophelia Theoway

Ophelia Theoway is the founder of SKY Financial Empowerment Services, a financial services firm located in Denver Colorado. She is a seasoned financial professional, who dedicates herself to guiding clients from a place of despair to a state of financial serenity. Her mission extends beyond mere transactions; it’s about empowering individuals with knowledge and strategies that lead to sound financial decisions.

SKY Financial Empowerment Services has been making a difference in financial education and empowerment. SKY Financial passionately educates its clients on financial literacy. It demystifies complex concepts, equipping them with the tools needed to navigate the financial landscape confidently.

Creating Tax-Free Income Portfolios is also another way that Ophelia, through her company, has been able to carve a niche for herself. The company’s expertise lies in crafting tax-efficient income portfolios. By strategically structuring investments, it ensures its clients maximize returns while minimizing tax burdens.

SKY doesn’t just create accounts; it designs financial solutions that sidestep the probate court system. This foresight protects its clients’ assets and ensures a seamless transfer of wealth to their beneficiaries. This process is what is called the Probate Court Bypass.

Another unique feature of SKY is the Compound Interest Magic. It collaborates with those less versed in financial prosperity and helps them establish accounts that harness the power of compound interest—a gradual snowball effect that grows wealth over time.

The Income Replacement Strategy of SKY Financial ensures that its great financial advice centers on creating safety nets. It encourages clients to build accounts capable of replacing regular income if unforeseen circumstances, such as illness or accidents, disrupt their ability to work.

In the realm of finance, Ophelia Theoway isn’t just a professional; she’s a beacon of hope, illuminating paths toward financial security and peace of mind.






Transforming Challenges into Triumphs – Abigail Ogbe’s Incredible Vision

Abigail Ogbe

Abigail Ogbe is the founder of DaDigitalSense Marketing, a dynamic digital marketing company that specializes in catapulting health and wellness businesses, holistic and integrative medicine practitioners, and physical therapists to new heights. A Nigerian immigrant, Abigail’s story is compelling and inspirational.

With over 15 years as a business owner, a master’s degree, and a diverse array of certifications, including being one of the few HIPAA-certified digital marketers, Abigail’s expertise is broad and deep. This unique blend of experience and knowledge positions her as a thought leader in the digital marketing space, especially in the health and wellness sector.

She encountered numerous challenges that seemed insurmountable. Yet, it was within these very challenges that she uncovered her true calling. By embracing innovative marketing strategies, she not only propelled her franchise into the top 25 for market growth nationwide but also laid the groundwork for what would become a flourishing career in digital marketing. Crowned as the City of Aurora’s Local Business Person of the Year 2024 and a beacon for women entrepreneurs, her journey from a struggling franchisee to a digital marketing maestro is a testament to resilience, innovation, and the transformative power of facing one’s fears.

Her exceptional prowess in digital marketing has not gone unnoticed. Aside from the prestigious Local Business Person of the Year award, she was also a nominee for the 2023 Women-Owned-Business of the Year by the African Chamber of Commerce Colorado. Her affiliate marketing achievements have earned her the title of HighLevel Cadet V, recognizing her for earning over $50,000 in commissions.

For those ready to explore how AI and technology can elevate their business to unparalleled success, she extends an invitation to join her on this exciting journey. Visit her website at dadigitalsense.com. She offers a gateway to digital marketing solutions that promise not just growth but a complete metamorphosis of how businesses engage with their clients in the digital realm.

In a world where the only constant is change, Aurora’s celebrated businesswoman stands as a beacon of innovation, resilience, and success, inspiring many to turn their challenges into stepping stones for triumph.



Empowering Financial Independence – Teslimat Tahir-Gimba’s Dream

Teslimat Tahir-Gimba

Teslimat Tahir-Gimba is the founder of Efua Leadership Development. She obtained her BA (Hons) and MSc from the University of Lagos, Nigeria, and is currently on her second MSc in Management at the UC Denver Business School. Originally from Nigeria, this dutiful wife with their six beautiful kids reside in Aurora, Colorado. Tess, as friends love to call her, is passionate about people, no wonder she trained as a Licensed Financial Professional and has dedicated herself to spreading financial literacy and empowering individuals to achieve financial independence. She has a strong background in finance and a genuine desire to help others succeed financially. She provides insightful presentations and personalized information that equip people with the tools they need to take control of their financial futures.

In 2023, Teslimat established Efua Leadership Development (ELD) upon recognizing the genuine financial challenges faced by the middle class in the United States, especially in Colorado. These struggles encompass the power to earn, save, grow, and safeguard one’s finances. Her goal with ELD, is to narrow the divide between financial intricacy and comprehension, ensuring that financial concepts are accessible to individuals of all backgrounds. She firmly believes that a secure and prosperous future begins with financial education, and she is dedicated to assisting individuals in making well-informed decisions regarding their finances. Her philosophy centers on a comprehensive approach to financial well-being. Instead of exclusively concentrating on numbers and assets, ELD stresses the significance of understanding the psychological and behavioral aspects of money management. By addressing both the emotional and practical facets of finance, she empowers individuals to make informed decisions that align with their values and aspirations.

ELD’s services are designed to empower everyone in the community towards achieving financial freedom. These services include Tax-free Wealth Accumulation, Debt Management, Index Strategies, College Funding, Business Strategies, and Legacy Strategies.

Teslimat is currently dedicating her time to helping individuals, seeking additional income or aiming to establish a full-fledged business with start-up costs to become independent financial professionals. If you or anyone you know is interested, please contact ELD by email, at hello@efuaventures.com or through their social media handles (www.facebook.com/efuaventuresld), or visit their website at: https://efuaventures.com/

You must be a resident of the US and must be authorized to work in the US.





Yeriel Events: Crafting Dreams, Easing Stress

Afiniki Inegedu

Afiniki Inegedu, the visionary director behind Yeriel Events, brings passion and precision to the art of event design and planning. With a heart set on turning dream events into reality, Afiniki ensures affordability without compromising excellence. Her mission is to create a stress-free fantasy land where dreams unfold, stress dissipates, and celebrations thrive.

Yeriel Events is a Denver-based events planner. It is every event client’s go-to partner for seamless event experiences. Its seasoned team of event strategists, creative decorators, and designers collaborates to weave magic into every occasion. Whether it’s a whimsical kiddies’ party, a sophisticated adult soirée, a fairytale wedding, or a corporate gathering, this planner caters to all event needs.

At Yeriel Events, affordability meets elegance because the team understands that dreams shouldn’t break the bank. Afiniki’s versatility ensures that every celebration is uniquely tailored to a client’s vision. It continues to help its clients handle the logistics while they revel in the joy of their special day.

From concept to execution, Yeriel takes the stress off its clients’ shoulders, allowing them to savor the magic. Its motto “Your glee is our concern,” echoes through every detail.

You can contact Yeriel Events by phone at 7203457335, by email, at info@yerielevent.com; by social media handles: Facebook.com/yerielevents, and by Instagram @yerielevents.




Threads of Culture: Vynobis Boutique’s Timeless Journey

Dr. Victoria Anunobi

Dr. Victoria Anunobi, the visionary behind Vynobis African Fashions and Fabrics, radiates a captivating blend of elegance and entrepreneurial spirit. As the proud owner of this vibrant boutique, affectionately known as Vynobis Boutique, she weaves together her rich heritage and passion for fashion.

Before embarking on her entrepreneurial journey, Dr. Victoria Anunobi graced the halls of Denver Public School for over two decades as a dedicated Science and Math teacher. Her commitment to education was rewarded with the prestigious Mile High Teacher’s Award in 2010—a testament to her unwavering impact on countless young minds.

Originally hailing from Nigeria, Dr. Victoria Anunobi carries the warmth of her homeland in her every smile. As a mother and grandmother, she effortlessly embodies grace and kindness. Her presence is like a sunbeam, illuminating the lives of those around her.

But Dr. Victoria Anunobi is more than a beacon of positivity; she’s an encourager. Her unwavering belief in others’ potential fuels their aspirations. Whether it’s a fledgling designer seeking guidance or a customer searching for the perfect ensemble, Dr. Victoria Anunobi’s words resonate long after they leave her boutique.

As an active cultural unifier, Dr. Victoria Anunobi bridges gaps within the black communities. She celebrates diversity, weaving threads of tradition and modernity into the fabric of her boutique. Vynobis isn’t just a store—it’s a cultural crossroads where African heritage meets contemporary style.

Established 33 years ago in Aurora, Colorado, Vynobis African Fashions and Fabrics is a sanctuary for those seeking authentic African attire. From male and female outfits to charming ensembles for children, the boutique’s shelves overflow with vibrant fabrics and intricate designs. Weddings, family reunions, theatrical performances, or simply celebrating life—Vynobis caters to every occasion.

But that’s not all. Dr. Victoria Anunobi’s nimble fingers also perform alterations with finesse, breathing new life into existing garments. And her love for accessorizing extends beyond clothing. Explore her collection of jewelry, headwraps, and hats—each piece curated with an artist’s eye.

The customer satisfaction ratings at Vynobis soar above average, a testament to Dr. Victoria Anunobi’s unwavering commitment to quality and service. Whether you’re dialing 720-486-6883 or sending an email to vynobis@aol.com, the boutique eagerly awaits your visit. And if you’re in Aurora, Colorado, follow the sun-kissed path to 10 S Havana Street, Suite 122F—where culture, craftsmanship, and community converge.




Empowering Care: The Journey of Pascale Koki Adou

Pascale Koki Adou

Pascale Koki Adou, a beacon of compassion and resilience, stands at the helm of El Bethel House of Care, a licensed home health agency nestled in the heart of Denver, Colorado. Her journey from the beautiful shores of the Ivory Coast in West Africa to the bustling streets of the United States spans two decades. This is proof of her unwavering commitment to transforming lives.

Pascale’s voyage began 21 years ago when she crossed oceans and borders, driven by a fervent desire to make a difference. Initially, on a pre-law trajectory, fate intervened, redirecting her path toward healthcare. With an unyielding spirit, she transitioned into this noble field, fueled by a mission to advocate for healthcare workers and elevate the standard of home healthcare within her community.

Pascale’s vision materialized in the form of El Bethel House of Care—a sanctuary where compassion meets competence. This agency, serving Denver, Arapahoe, and Adams counties, extends a healing touch to those in need. Their commitment to excellence is underscored by Medicaid and PASA certification, ensuring that every individual receives dignified care.

Beyond her professional endeavours, Pascale invests in the future. She mentors and empowers young women, urging them to unleash their potential. Her rallying cry echoes through the corridors of El Bethel House of Care, “Each time a woman stands up, she lights the world. Let every woman rise and cast her brilliance upon a world hungry for hope.”

In the field of healthcare, Pascale plays with empathy, resilience, and empowerment. Her legacy shines as a beacon, illuminating the path toward a brighter, healthier world—one woman, one smile, and one act of kindness at a time.

To connect with Pascale and explore the transformative power of compassionate care, reach out via:

Phone: 303-907-4978, or email: info@elbethelhomecare.com



Efe Isiaku: Crafting Joy with Gifted Hand Balloons

Efe Isiaku

In the enchanting world of celebrations, Efetobore (Efe) Isiaku stands as the creative force behind Gifted Hand LLC. Since 2021, her whimsical balloon art has woven magic into events, leaving a trail of awe and delight.

From the picturesque streets of Aurora, Colorado, Gifted Hand emerged—a luxury balloon decorating company that transcends mere decor. Efe’s touch infuses every occasion with elegance and vibrancy. Whether it’s a baby shower, a corporate gathering, or an intimate soirée, her balloons dance with life, adding a kaleidoscope of color and joy.

Efe’s dedication lies in creating unforgettable moments. Each balloon design is a brushstroke on the canvas of celebration. With finesse and flair, she transforms ideas into reality, turning ordinary spaces into enchanting realms. From cozy private parties to grand galas, Efe’s expertise elevates every event. At Gifted Hand LLC, balloons transcend the ordinary. It lifts the spirits and paints memories in hues of wonder.

To infuse your special occasion with the magic of balloons, reach out to Efe by phone: at 303-907-4978, and by email, at info@elbethelhomecare.com



Akwaba African Restaurant: Where Flavors and Hearts Dance

Linda Esso

In the heart of Aurora, Colorado, Linda Esso, a culinary visionary, co-founded Akwaba Restaurant—a haven where Africa’s rich tapestry of tastes unfolds. Here, every dish is a symphony of heritage, a celebration of tradition.

Conveniently located along Colfax Avenue, Akwaba beckons with warmth and authenticity. As a family-owned establishment, we infuse our menu with the soulful essence of West African cuisine. From the iconic Jollof Rice to the sizzling allure of Chicken Kabobs, each plate narrates stories passed down through generations.

Picture this: a steaming bowl of Peanut Butter Soup with Lamb, fragrant and comforting. It’s more than sustenance; it’s a connection to our roots. Our restaurant, bathed in cozy vibes, welcomes both locals and wanderers seeking refuge from the ordinary.

Akwaba Restaurant in Aurora transcends mere dining—it’s a quest of hospitality. Our doors open for those who crave bold flavors and genuine friendship. Here, every meal is an invitation to embrace life, to savor the magic that unfolds when food and fellowship intertwine. At Akwaba, they don’t just serve food; they weave memories, one delectable bite at a time.


To contact Akwaba Restaurant, please visit any of the links below.

Google: https://g.page/r/CWO55Ewla91eEBM

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/akwabarestaurantaurora

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/akwabarestaurantaurora

Yelp: https://www.yelp.com/biz/akwaba-restaurant-aurora-2



Carving A Niche In The Healthcare Sector- Hawa Dicko’s Story

Hawa Dicko

Hawa Dicko is the founder of Compassion Adult Daycare, a care center that caters to the needs of disabled or special needs adults, eighteen and above, in Aurora, Colorado. Hawa Dicko is a Ghanaian immigrant but is currently married and lives with her four beautiful daughters in Aurora.

She comes from a family who instilled the values of hard work, community, and family in her from a tender age. Before starting her business, she worked in the healthcare field as a caregiver. While working in that field, she noticed the lack of women in leadership, which then inspired her to use her skills learned in that field for something much greater by opening an adult daycare center in Aurora Colorado.

Compassion Adult Daycare is the first Company she opened which she has managed together with an amazing team of workers for the past decade. They have been providing a supportive and engaging environment for elderly individuals while also fostering a sense of community and well-being.

Passionate Medical Equipment and Supplies is the second company she founded. The company deals in the sales and after-sale services of hospital supplies and medical equipment here in the United States and around the world. Her third company is called AllMeds Pharmacy which is located in Ghana, West Africa to provide good and quality medicine in both wholesale and retail quantities.

As a person of color, it is important to her to be a representative of her community in the healthcare field. She seeks to inspire women of all ages and backgrounds to accomplish the goals they set for themselves; that all things are possible when they remain dedicated to their passions and goals. She strongly believes that regardless of societal norms, women are capable and deserving of being successful business owners.

Her association with the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council and African Chamber of Commerce Colorado also allows her to network with other female business owners and to learn and share her ideas. Outside her professional responsibilities, she ensures she dedicates time to charity work as she feels a deep sense of gratitude for the support she has received from the community and the state of Colorado by providing food and clothing at the local shelters.



Sister’s Fellowship International (SFI) -Empowering Women, Nurturing Souls

Gloria Wagidi

Sister’s Fellowship International (SFI) is a beacon of love and faith that has been illuminating the lives of women across continents for over three decades. Founded in 1984 by the visionary Rev. Mrs. Nches Iredu, SFI stands as a universal women’s ministry, fostering spiritual growth, sisterhood, and unwavering devotion. Framed on the pillars of love and appreciation, it is a place where women learn about God’s word and how to live Godly lives with a united purpose of making it to heaven. At SFI, giving, caring, and sharing are not mere words; they are a lifestyle.

SFI’s footprint spans continents, creating a vibrant collage of faith and fellowship. The ministry exists across the world and the chapters flourish in countries of West Africa, South Africa, Mozambique, Australia, Europe (United Kingdom), Canada, and the United States, where seventy chapters thrive. The headquarters of SFI rests in Nigeria, West Africa. Here, our roots run deep, nourished by the rich soil of faith.

Mrs. Gloria Wagidi, AP/POM, initiated and coordinated the Denver chapter of the ministry. SFI Denver Colorado Area is in Aurora-Denver, established eight years ago. She also initiated other chapters, including Green Valley, Fort Collins, and Perfect Love chapters in Colorado. She is the Area President of Denver, the matron of USA Young Daughters, and the Assistant HOD of Mountain Movers USA in SFI, USA. Mrs. Wagidi dedicates herself to teaching the word of God and nurturing women to carry out the tenets of the ministry. Every year, the Young Daughters Fellowship convenes in the heart of Texas. Over four hundred (400) members assemble, their spirits ablaze with purpose. Together, they ignite flames of hope, resilience, and sisterly love. Mrs. Gloria Wagidi, AP/POM enjoys doing God’s work. She is so supportive and generous and a pleasant personality to be around. She is happily married with children and grandchildren.




Legacy Builder: Fumnanya Camara’s Journey in Real Estate

Fumnanya Camara

In the bustling world of Colorado real estate, Fumnanya Camara stands as a beacon of unwavering commitment and transformative impact. As a former educator, she seamlessly wove her passion for teaching and counseling into the fabric of her real estate career.

Fumnanya is the director of Camara Real Estate, a thriving real estate company in Denver. An immigrant business owner, military wife, and a devoted mother of four, she wears her multifaceted identity with grace. Her mission is to empower her clients, guide them through the intricate terrain of real estate, and lay the foundation for lasting legacies. Her accolades speak volumes: Denver Metro Association of Realtors’ 2024 Pathway Realtor of the Year—a testament to her tireless efforts in advancing Black homeownership across Colorado. She was also selected as one of the top 25 Most Influential Young Professionals in Colorado by ColoradoBiz GenXYZ. But these are merely one chapter in her story.

The seeds of Fumnanya’s passion were sown early. As a young observer, she witnessed her mother’s astute real estate moves—acquiring not only a primary residence but also an investment property. The wealth her mother cultivated ignited a fire within Fumnanya. She resolved to replicate this success, not just for herself, but for the diverse clientele she would serve.

Recently, Fumnanya guided a first-time buyer through the labyrinth of property acquisition. Two years later, that same client expanded her portfolio, purchasing another property and renting out the initial one. This resulted in a steady stream of passive income—$800 per month. Extrapolate that over three decades, and the numbers become a staggering $288,000, earned from a shrewd investment. With no mortgage shackles, the client can continue renting or sell the property at a substantial profit. This, my friends, is the transformative power of Camara Real Estate.

For Fumnanya, real estate transcends mere transactions. It’s about generational wealth, about planting seeds that will flourish long after the ink dries on contracts. But it’s also about relationships. She understands that each client is unique, and deserving of personalized attention. With unwavering dedication, she forges partnerships that center on you—the dreamer, the investor, the legacy builder.

So, if you seek not just a house but a legacy, look no further than Fumnanya Camara. Her passion, her expertise, and her unwavering commitment await, ready to turn your dreams into reality.

Image link: https://photos.app.goo.gl/CLKj5Sph72ZTToYw6





 Nyadak’s Journey: From Sudan to Colorado

Nyadak Pal

In the heart of Colorado, Nyadak Pal’s story unfolds—a tale of resilience, compassion, and unwavering commitment. Her journey began in the arid lands of Sudan, now known as South Sudan. Her family was forced to flee their homeland during her formative years, and the echoes of Sudan’s second civil war still reverberate through her life,

For three arduous months, Nyadak and her family trekked across Ethiopia, seeking refuge. The refugee camp became their temporary sanctuary—a place where survival was both a challenge and a testament to human endurance. Six years passed, marked by uncertainty, longing, and hope. Then, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, they found solace in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado—their new home.

Nyadak Pal’s spirit ignited as she stepped onto American soil. This mother of two beloved daughters charted her course, aligning herself with community engagement. As a board member of the Sudanese Association in Colorado, she bridged cultural gaps, weaving threads of understanding between her heritage and the vibrant mosaic of her adopted home. The African Business Association also benefited from her wisdom and dedication.

But Nyadak’s impact extended beyond organizational walls. She worked tirelessly with the African Caribbean Heritage Camp, supporting adopted families as they navigated the complexities of identity and belonging. Her heart swelled with purpose, and she founded the Nyadak Pal Peace Foundation—a beacon of hope for those displaced by conflict and upheaval.

The Peace Foundation’s mission transcended borders. Originally focused on the South Sudanese community, it evolved into a force for change, embracing Haitians, Venezuelans, Afghans, Cubans, and other indigenous refugee groups. Their collective vision is to settle refugees, nurture safety, and foster well-being within Colorado’s new American communities.

Five pathways illuminated their way: education, empowerment, legal advocacy, self-sufficiency, and holistic support. Legal clinics provided a lifeline, securing TPS (temporarily protected status) and asylum for those seeking refuge. Nyadak’s legacy was etched in these endeavors—a testament to resilience, compassion, and the enduring spirit of the next generation of new Americans.

If you need to contact Nyadak Pal Peace Foundation through Nyadak, find them at 10730 East Bethany Dr., #130 580014. Visit their website at www.nyadakpalpeace.org, call 720.6763501, or send an email to nyadakpal90@gmail.com.

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