Creative excitement and innovation took Togo Fashion Week 2024 by storm, offering a bold vision of African fashion. The Festival International de la Mode (FIMO) was the scene of a dazzling celebration, showcasing bold collections that pushed stereotypes.


Among the designers present, Ejiro Amos-Tafiri from Nigeria captivated the audience with his luxurious and artisanal creations, inspired by rich Nigerian traditions. His desire to transcend established norms has given birth to unique pieces, revealing a contemporary vision of cultural heritage.

Another iconic designer at the event was Jean Rocard Yapo, from Abidjan. His eponymous brand, which has become essential in Ivory Coast, has unveiled a bold and minimalist approach to men’s ready-to-wear. Yapo favors raffia and kita loincloth, highlighting the importance of using local resources to create unique designs.

Desmo, a stylist present at the event, highlighted the potential of African fashion and its constant evolution despite economic challenges, emphasizing the need for increased means to promote this thriving industry.

The Festival highlighted the creations of around sixty designers, providing an essential platform for emerging talents. Organized by Togolese designer Jacques Logoh, this annual event has proven to be an essential catalyst for the growth of fashion in Africa. It provided a valuable opportunity for designers to gain exposure and contribute to the dynamic expansion of the industry on the continent.

The curtain fell on the Togo International Fashion Festival on February 24, 2024, leaving behind an indelible imprint of creativity, diversity and promising aspirations for the future of African fashion. This edition once again confirmed the growing place of Africa on the international fashion scene, in a whirlwind of colors, fabrics and patterns that’s constantly reinventing trends.

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