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A quick reminder: This page is about making money. How much do you want to make? Please be specific. Let’s suppose you are making $3000 a month at the moment. How could you start making $6000 a month within a year, then $12000, $24000 a month, a million, and so forth?

Now, what are you going to offer your community in the form of a service or product to make that money? It is a proven fact by the scientists of the mind that if you can serve as many people as possible and serve them well, then you won’t have to worry about money. The money would flow to you like flies going after honey. If you understand this concept, it should not be shocking to you that Mark Zuckerberg is among the richest people on Earth. Billions of people use Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Jeff Bezos is a multi-billionaire for the simple reason that we all use Amazon. Aliko Dangote primarily sells cement. Over the years, he has managed to sell his cement and other commodities all over Africa. He is now the richest black person and the world’s 65th richest person. Afrobeats music is in high demand right now. So, it makes sense if Tiwa Savage and Yemi Alade are among the richest musicians in Africa.

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I have come to realize that the hardest thing in life is not making money, as people think. Personally, my dream is to become one of the ten richest people on earth, and I intend to achieve that dream by bringing new content and technology to the media, reinventing soccer, re-colonizing the world with African music and culture, and taking cosmic laws to the masses. I will say it again; it is proven that as long as you can provide as many people as possible with what they need, riches will surely find you. It is a law. So, if you want to be filthy rich, don’t just go after money. Try to make solving a social problem your life mission.

With the internet and social media, there are more and more new ways to make money, faster and easier. Find your niche, set a timetable, and get to work. Only the sky’s the limit. On a quick note, a lot of African immigrants complain all the time about being broke even though they are working two to four jobs. Here is why they remain broke: these immigrants are simply chasing money to feed their families and not the vision of impacting and changing their communities and beyond. I challenge you to make solving a problem in your community your priority and let’s see if money will not run after you.

As you are thinking about solving a problem in your community and making money, I know you are also considering starting a family, or maybe you have already started one. Making money and building a family go hand in hand. So, have you ever given serious thought to your sexual lifestyle and the impact it has on your decisions and desire to become wealthy? Please take a few minutes this weekend to go for a walk and think about how sex has impacted your finances over the last ten years or more.

In the song “promesse” Suspect 95, a rapper from Cote d’Ivoire jokes “No serious promise is made in bed because you are not thinking with your mind”. I frequently joke about this aspect of life with my sister Choolwe. Choolwe is still a virgin at 32 and has no man in her life. When she cries about not meeting the right guy, I tell her about a ritual she should always do before getting out of the house every morning. This might be very useful to you also. I tell Choolwe to touch her heart, her head (mind), and her privates and make sure that during the course of the day she keeps each organ in its place and never mixes them up. The reason most people stay poor and unhappy is that they fall in love with their heart (instead of their mind).

I do not believe in love. I believe in mindful actions and results. Every woman knows that pregnancy or a romantic entanglement is no doubt going to affect her financial freedom. I know our religions believe in marriages and commitment, but the fact is that when the Bible, the Quran, or the Gita were being written, renting a bedroom was not $2000 in Colorado, USA; people did not need to buy a car or pay bills. Just keep that in mind the next time your pastor or your mom is telling you to go get married. Tell them money rules the new world.

If you want to be financially independent and maybe become a multi-millionaire or billionaire, you have to take control of your sexual desires and think before you love. Your heart, your mind, and your genitals are three different energy centers, with your genitals being the most powerful and uncontrollable of the three.

Unconsciously, when a lot of people say “I am in love with you,” what they are really saying is that “I want to sleep with you.” You can prove this in your current relationship. Deprive your partner of sex for a month and see if he or she does not say that you are a wicked person. There is nothing wrong with having sex, but do not let your sexual impulses betray you.

Sex and love are two different things. What is falling in love if not caring for one another and taking care of each other in times of trouble? Individuals can’t even take care of their pains. How in the world can you expect someone to sincerely take care of your troubles? There is a very popular song in Cameroon that says, “Do not put your heart where your genitals are meant to go (“on ne met pas le coeur”)” by Mahlox le vibreur. Notice that the more your heart is broken, the less time you have to use your mind for wealth, happiness, and success. Ask professional prostitutes “why this job?” and at least two out of three will tell you “Someone broke my heart”.

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