Have you ever wondered why humans suffer? If you have not, I will tell you. The number one reason we suffer is that we have reversed the law of manifestation. The law of manifestation demands that human beings focus on joy and let the universe manifest the material, the money.


Every scripture in every religion or school of philosophy has said this in one way or another. In fact, every time you see the verb ‘believe’, that is what it means. The first goal of faith is to keep you in joy no matter what the situation is. When we live according to the law, life normally flows flawlessly, naturally, and effortlessly without much struggle. Please study every person that is rich and happy, and you will realize that he or she lives as much as possible focusing on joy in everything they do. These rich and happy ones did not acquire the habit of staying in joy when they got rich, it is what got them rich in the first place.

We all know the saying, money makes you happy. I agree that without money it is impossible to take care of your basic needs, but here is the real question: do you want to live the rest of your life trying to pay bills and struggle to make ends meet, or are you determined to be rich? I mean, make millions of dollars and live abundantly. If wealth is what you desire, you will need to make changes in your life and start living the right way as much as you can. Start living according to the saying, “happiness makes you money”, and trust me, a lot of money plus other good things like loving people, peace of mind, being at the right place at the right time, etc., will show up for you.

Understand that the science of becoming rich is simply about changing your habits; the way you live your life every 24 hours.

Remember, truly rich people try to focus on joy every second of their days because consciously or not, these ‘co-creators know their part of the deal with the universe. Poor people focus on money. They chase money from the moment they wake up to the moment they go to bed. In fact, poor people do not just chase money, they worry about money and everything else all the time. Unfortunately, that attitude leaves no room for the mind to think. And when you take no time to think, it is almost impossible to make changes in your life. Therefore, it becomes extremely hard to get inspired on how to create wealth.

Now you know why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. It is all in the momentum of keeping good habits or bad habits. I hope you promise yourself that from now on, you will be living like a rich and happy person. By this, I mean focusing on joy, instead of how you should run out of the house every morning for the next dollar. Start making time to think about your daily habits. A little suggestion: How about cutting 30 minutes a day out of your sleeping time? Do you recall how the law of manifestation works? I will repeat it: You take care of joy, and the universe will surely take care of the money. When I say, ‘the universe’, you are probably thinking of God. The God that most religions tell us about. Please, I would like you to try to see things a little differently. Let’s face it, everything in life evolves, especially technology, and at a very fast rate too. Don’t you think our perception of God should evolve too? One day, a woman and I were talking and when I mentioned God, she said, “God is up there”. Her statement made me laugh. I almost told her, “Sister, if you only know God is right above your head and could be involved in every single thing you do,” but I did not say anything because I too used to have her perception of God. If you too perceive God as “up there” in the sky, it might be time to reconsider that image. Most of us have grown up imagining God as a fearful king sitting on a throne, watching, and judging the seven billion people on earth.

Let’s suppose that the idea of the king on the throne is true, just for a second. Now, even our earthly kings and presidents have many representatives working for them. Don’t you think God must have representatives too? God’s rep is the guardian angel dedicated to helping everyone. That Angel is 12 to 50 feet above you. Many refer to the guardian angel as ‘the Spirit’, ‘the Universe’, ‘the Power within’, ‘Aladdin’, etc. That Spirit above us is normally the one we directly pray to. He is the one that makes us breathe, digest food, walk, talk, grow our hair, form babies, think, etc., and manifest our needs including the million dollars you are going to make. I will stop here for this issue. This series will continue in the next issue. Stay joyful.

In the science of getting rich, there are two partners: You and your guardian angel. The rep of God to be precise. The moment you fully understand how this Being works through you, you will know for sure that there is no dream impossible as you become an instrument, an ambassador, a vessel to make things happen in the physical. See, you do not have to worry whether you will become a millionaire or not, because, at the end of the day, you are not the one making it happen. So, relax and have a merry time. Your breakthrough will surely happen as long as you do your part of the bargain, which is to focus on the main goal, joy. Imagine that you can have anything you want (including how to make loads of money) anytime. It is possible once you get connected to that Spirit above you. It is easy and it starts with joy. How do you think great people who have changed the course of our existence did it? They have connected with the Source; their individual guardian angel, ‘the Universe’. This is no hocus pocus but simply how life works. It is the physiology of your spiritual body and yourself. The invisible sustains the visible but most of us know not, so we struggle. It might be surprising but most of the best money experts do not know the secret to money. Money and every material thing manifest in our life according to the law of the spoken word. I will explain ‘the spoken word’ in the future.

For now, let’s get you to start doing your part of the deal better and better so your guardian angel can do His part. First, would you sit for a few minutes and assess your day? How frequently and how long are you truly in a state of joy every 24 hours? Please figure that out. Then, find the people and the things that make you smile and make it a point to deal with them the best you can. This exercise is not to be neglected. If I were you, I would start doing it right now. Be aware, every conversation you have and everything you are exposed to affects your mood and your mind. This means your ability to stay creative and make money. Next, decide to be a positive person. Positivity is not an option if you want to become a millionaire. Beyond the fact that the more positive you are, the healthier you live, your millions will manifest from your ability to turn life challenges into smiles, then ideas and a product or services. As a matter of fact, Life usually hides your blessings in your challenges. Facebook was invented out of Mark Zuckerberg’s frustration to connect with other students on the campus of Harvard University. When you see a skincare product, the inventor has probably gone through some skin issues. Every idea, product, and service you see is the tangible story of someone’s challenges. Besides, when life is on your side, you will not become rich until you have enough wisdom to manage your money. So, in every single frustrating event thrown your way, there is a lesson to learn. When you complain instead of learning, the challenge will surely come back again and again until you learn the right lesson. Did your mom tell you life works exactly like school? She didn’t? Maybe you forgot.

Just stay positive at least for the sake of the money. In the second lesson (Vol. 25, No.23), I told you about the habit of singing or listening to music every time you are about to turn moody. Please do not lose that habit. Let me tell you a fact about me. I would rather take a bullet than getting angry. The reason is simple. It is either you are thinking of getting angry. You can never do both at the same time. And thinking is everything. It is life, it is the key to joy, to success, to money. Keep in mind so far that your mind is the tool and joy is the daily goal on your way to becoming a millionaire within three years. I will be expecting you on the next issue. Peace be with you.


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