Black History Month was established to commemorate the hard work and struggles of our black ancestors and the hardwon achievements and progress of black people in the United States, and by extension all over the world. We celebrate black achievements throughout the month of February to shine the light on those exceptional black humans who came before us. During this month, we try to do things that show how we appreciate their sacrifices, and allow ourselves to be inspired by their courage.  


Someone said being successful is good, but being great is better. To put it differently, success is when you beat the challenges to approach the finish line; great is when you help others beat their challenges to get to the finish line. So, as a black entrepreneur, how are you doing? How are your fellow back business owners doing? If you’re thriving, how are you helping other black startups in your community to thrive? Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. exemplified selflessness mixed with great accomplishment. He once said, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?”

This was the idea behind Afrik Digest Magazine’s recent event titled, A New Era of Black Entrepreneurs – A Global Power Networking Event. The networking event which was held at Akwaba Restaurant in Aurora on February 12, 2022 was hugely enlightening and engaging, and aroused genuine connections among guests. It was organized by Afrik Digest as the first in a series of planned community engagements for 2022, in partnership with the Pan African Business Council, an international business connect nonprofit founded by Dr. H Malcolm Newton. Although the event ended up having guests of all races, it retained its theme of helping black businesses connect to thrive. It brought community leaders, advocates and entrepreneurs together to exchange business information, leads, ideas, referrals and support. It was a great mixer event which gave participants the opportunity to establish valuable contacts with other business leaders in the Colorado community. 

Next is our Media Connect in March. Then another community engagement in May. Then another after that. We will appreciate it if you can keep an eye out.

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