A spectacular events venue, Celebrity Confetti Event Place, was recently launched in Denver on t10th June 2023. The event space grand opening was a coming together of people from all over Colorado and beyond to celebrate another milestone achievement of the brains behind the beautiful event venue, Dr Vera Azuka Idam. Celebrity Confetti Event Place is a fairly large venue with an inside capacity of 230, and is already serving the Denver Metro area and beyond.


For those who are conversant with happenings amongst the black immigrant community in Colorado, especially in Denver and Aurora, the name Vera Idam literally needs no introduction. She’s the publisher of Afrik Digest Magazine, a diaspora African publication which debuted in 2015 as a platform to bring people of African heritage together and have their voices heard.

Vera Idam who hails from Nigeria moved to Colorado in 2010 with her family to provide a better education for her three kids. She noticed straight away that African immigrants didn’t seem to have much guidance on how to navigate life in the U.S., so she took it upon herself to find a solution.

She has been helping to bridge the gap between the African immigrant community, the American way of life and the authorities. When one considers how resourceful and hardworking she has been over the years in keeping the magazine publication going, it didn’t really come as a surprise to all when she decided to open an event center that will serve the entire Denver metro area and beyond in planning memorable events but also give a sense of belonging to the African community there. Now, they seem to feel like there is an events venue right here in Denver, owned by one of their own who can understand them in a way others can’t.  She sheds more light into what drove her exactly into setting up this fabulous events place.

Vera Idam is determined to make Celebrity Confetti Events place the top choice for events in all of Colorado.

Thanks for taking the time to share your story with us – to start, maybe you can share what really motivated you to start this venture?

Most of the things I do are driven by a passion for the community. I delve into any endeavor that has the potential to bring people together or help them find a bearing if they are lost or confused. This  is my motivation for Celebrity Confetti Events Place. I am very good at sharing knowledge, information, and happiness. I love listening to the silent desires of people, especially blacks in America, and making myself available to seek out avenues to fulfill these desires.

Mind you, I did not just start events planning with this event center. My company, Confetti Events Manager, has always hosted events aimed at bringing people together, but we had no space of our own. People in Denver should still remember the Confetti Valentine’s Red-Carpet Ball, it is one of our popular events, but I paused it after the 2017 ball. We also organized Confetti African Carnival in partnership with the defunct Afrik Mall, which brought many people of African heritage together. We have had a few Nigeria Day celebrations and other community events. I started publishing Afrik Digest Magazine when I realized that African immigrants who are already living in the United States and those that recently arrived needed a lot of help to navigate the system. Afrik Digest is alive and well but is basically an online newsroom now. My first idea was to open a cultural center, but that would give it the motif of a non-profit. I believe this could be a community news mine in complement to the magazine.


Alright, so for those in the community who might not be familiar with your business yet, can you tell us more about Celebrity Confetti Events Place?

Celebrity Confetti Events Place is a space in the Hampden area of Northern Colorado that hosts all types of events and celebrates special occasions. Our venue is a premier event center that offers an elegant and comfortable space for everyone. The venue was launched on June 10th of this year and serves private individuals, businesses, and organizations in the Denver metro area of Colorado. Whether it’s a birthday, a wedding, a corporate meeting or celebration, or anything in between, we have our clients covered. Clients can choose from our affordable and flexible packages and customize them to suit their needs and budget. We work with partners to provide catering, entertainment, decoration, and other services to make our clients’ events memorable and hassle-free.

We book hotel accommodation for people who are just visiting Colorado and need short-term lodging. We will also be furnishing a conducive atmosphere within our space to welcome and entertain guests on Friday nights. At Celebrity Confetti Events Place, we welcome everyone and celebrate diversity. No matter what your background, culture, or preference is, you can find a place here to express yourself and enjoy your time with your guests. We are committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment for all our clients and staff.

We are available for booking all week long, so don’t wait, book your event immediately and get ready to experience the magic of Celebrity Confetti Events Place! You can visit our website at www.celebsconfettieventsplace.com or call us at (720) 583-2386 to learn more and reserve your date.

Would you say it’s been a smooth road, and if not what are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced along the way?

Celebrity Confetti Events Place is a new events venue that we are still working to build and position in the events venue market. Though we have just started this venture, the journey from the start has been heart-fluttering but interesting. I don’t want to say challenging regarding this business as we are still bubbling with the excitement of meeting the specific needs of our community. Let’s just say that with the mercy of God, it has been smooth so far.

What would you say is the most important factor behind your success?

The most important factors behind the successes I have achieved are passion, sincerity of purpose, consistency and selflessness. With Celebrity Confetti we are still inching toward success. We have not arrived yet, so we cannot speak emphatically of achieved success at this nascent stage of the business. If your question was regarding Afrik Digest, I would have a more emphatic and positive answer. However, I believe we are on the right path to increase, considering that all the above mentioned success ingredients have been applied to this new venture.

Any places in Denver to eat or things to do that you can share with our readers? If they have a friend visiting town, what are some spots they could take them to? Maybe places with an African flavor. 

I absolutely do! I have been asked this question a few times before and I always mentioned the places that I have visited. But first off, they should visit Celebrity Confetti Events Place every Friday for the welcoming and entertaining atmosphere we provide. We can also help any Colorado visitor who needs to book short-term accommodation.

That said, if the visitor is African, I recommend the following: Akwaba African Restaurant and African Grill and Bar are two popular West African restaurants I love to take visitors to. They both serve jollof rice and fried fish, fufu and egusi soup, okra soup, and so on. Also you can enjoy plantains, sauteed vegetables, samosas, and so much more. There are also Ethiopian-run spaces like Endless Grind Coffee, Queen of Sheba Restaurant, and The Ethiopian Restaurant. Then there are NOLA Voodoo Tavern, Club JJuukal, and several African grocery stores in the Denver metro area. The African Leadership Group’s office is another welcoming place for people who want to connect with Africans.

If you prefer the outdoors, you can visit places like Denver Botanic Gardens, Denver Art Museum, Denver Zoo, Red Rocks Park, Amphitheatre, and Denver Museum of Nature & Science. They have little to do with the flavor of Africa though.

Vera Idam immigrated to Colorado, USA in 2010 and has grown to become a respected voice and business owner in Denver.

What are your plans for the future? 

We have a lot of great plans for the future. We are actually redefining the events space business in Colorado; pray for me because I need everyone’s support. See, there are tremendous ideas that we will be implementing as time goes on. As you can imagine, event spaces thrive in summer and slow down in winter, but starting this August, we are debuting something creative, Thursday and Friday Night Specials, including Afro-Extravaganzas. We will have entertainers and DJs supplying music, and we’ll partner with food vendors to provide spicy edibles to guests. Also, Celebrity Confetti is working with Afrik Digest to run the highlights of any events that we host in the venue.  We have a few tourism plans that would thrill people visiting Colorado. If they contact us when they arrive, we can arrange their short-time hotel accommodation and lodging, and they can be welcomed in our space. We have a lot more expansion plans, but we will continue to let our clients know as we expand into other areas.

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