Have you ever wondered why you are broke? It has more to do with your spending habits than how much you are making. Rich and happy people buy things purpose- fully. They know why they have purchased every single thing they own. Poor and unhappy people buy things according to their emotional state. Consequently, they end up spending money on a lot of unnecessary items; stuff they don’t need.

To become a happy millionaire, you are going to need to become frugal. You probably know about the rule of paying yourself first. Unfortunately, saving money is not a habit you acquire overnight. If you did not grow up with the habit of saving, it is not going to start tomorrow but there is a shortcut: focus more on the work you are truly passionate about with the clear intention of turning it into a multi-million-dollar business. As you do that, every hour of your day becomes meaningful, and your spending habits will take care of themselves with time.


From then on, shopping will become a means to an end; the end being your vision of a better future. You will stop the shopping-just-to-feel -good habit. I hope you also start taking a day off a week to clean the house and budget. You will realize all the stuff you have at home that you might never need. Do you clean your closet before winter or spring starts? You might not need to buy more clothes. Anyway, let’s take care of your bills.

The ‘spoken word’

Getting rich is a science, just like any other science. It is the science of habits. So, anyone could get rich as soon as he or she masters the habits of a rich person. The good news about this science is that you have a partner. Your partner is your guard- ian angel; the spiritual part of you standing 12 to 50 feet above your head. In the vocabulary of the law of attraction, people know the guardian angel as the ‘power within’, ‘secret’, ‘higher self’, ‘spirit’ etc.

Think of your guardian angel as a twin brother/sister who is extremely powerful and ready to assist you with anything at any time when you ask for help. To your twin sister/brother, everything you think or utter with a clear intention and purpose is a command. That command is what is known as the ‘spoken word’. Every human being has that power and often uses it unconsciously and constantly but to draw misery, poverty and sickness through negative thoughts and words. Let’s test the law. You might have bills to pay. If you do, all you have to do is talk. Tell your guardian angel to stop all your creditors from harassing you until the day you are a millionaire and have enough money to pay. This is no magic trick. I am talking to you based on personal experience. I was able to deal with more than $ 80, 000 worth of debt with the spoken word.

Discovering the ‘spoken word’

Let me tell you a brief story about my journey. I used to be very skeptical about any information that has to do with getting rich. I thought it was all a scam. In October 2012, I started thinking about making more money because I was in debt. I was in a store in Denver, Colorado one day when the person I was buying from, handed me the book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill. I had just been introduced to a science that would change my life.

After I read the book, I was intrigued. I wanted to know more. I had no other choice anyway, as I was deep in debt. I promised myself to dedicate the rest of my life to study and teach this science that has made the world’s greatest inventors, entrepreneurs, business people and leaders of all kinds. Almost 400 books later (including the Torah, the Bible, the Quran, the Book of Mormon, the Gita, the Upanishads, the Tao Te Ching), I came across the teachings of the Ascended Masters. I was in a seminar one day when someone gave me ‘Unveiled Mystery’ by Guy Ballard. From that book, my perception of the world shifted tremendously. Baffled by different personal occurrences, I became obsessed with the teachings of the Ascended Masters, especially the books of Elizabeth Prophet and Mark Prophet.

All the books I had read so far coupled with my personal experiences led me to understand that the secret to manifesting a desire is actually a law known as the ‘spoken word’. Life started making sense to me. As I was sitting down one day buried in my ugly thoughts, I decided to try the law of the spoken word. My car just got repossessed at the time and I was being harassed with calls. I could bear it no more.

Out of frustration, I talked to my guardian angel as follows: “Father, please help me stop this $12, 000 car bill from coming until I have enough money to pay.” It worked. No more calls, no more bills. I decided to try the law with all my other bills. It worked too. I wish I could tell you all I have been able to manifest every day with the power of the spoken word. For instance, I have not paid rent since 2014 and I live in a house in one of the best

parts of Colorado, close to the mountains. I am not special. I just happened to discover the secret to abundance, prosperity and all the riches anyone could ever dream of. I ask and whatever is needed shows up at the right time. Now, I have a crazy idea: Unite Africa and enrich the black race. Stay tuned. Monthly, I will be sharing with you all you need to know to live a good life.

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