Afrik Digest, a cherished African lifestyle magazine, is dedicated to recounting narratives from both the African-immigrant and African American communities. Headquartered in Colorado, USA, our publication spans a diverse array of topics, including culture, lifestyle, social issues, business, education, and entertainment.


Privately owned, operated, and funded by a resilient woman publisher, Afrik Digest operates across digital and print platforms, with complimentary distribution throughout Colorado. Our inception was driven by a compelling need to serve the community, providing a platform for voices often marginalized. We illuminate community initiatives, share immigrant experiences, and spotlight local events.

At Afrik Digest, we actively engage with community members, listening to their perspectives on civic matters, healthcare, education, and economic challenges. Our commitment extends to forging partnerships across culturally diverse groups. Through our social media channels, we disseminate verified information, emphasizing truth and transparency.

What sets Afrik Digest apart is our unwavering focus on the underserved, amplifying the voices of the voiceless. Our mission is to level the playing field, ensuring that every community member has a seat at the discussion table.

Our coverage strategy is meticulously tailored to address the specific needs of the African Immigrant community. Distribution decisions are guided by necessity and financial feasibility, reaching people where they reside. The Metro area of Colorado, particularly Aurora and Denver, along with Boulder and Colorado Springs, remains our primary coverage zone, reflecting the heart of our community.

Dr. Azuka Osuokwu Idam, Ass. Sc, B.A. Hons; MBA.
CEO/ Publisher/ Executive Editor
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